Managing the countless logistical headaches involved in airport operations can be a challenge. Ensuring safety, security, efficiency, and satisfaction is a balancing act that can be challenging at times, but Omni-Serv prides ourselves in striving for the highest level of success. We were recently praised by Munich Airport NJ LLC, who handles various operational, maintenance, and management services at EWR Terminal A.

From a Senior Aviation Consultant at Munich Airport NJ LLC,

“Every so often in my airline operational life, I come across a contract team that is so good you either forget they are paid by someone else, or you wish you worked for them.  Omni-Serv in Newark is one of those moments. 

The last few weeks getting these blooming bags have been challenging – I couldn’t work out if I was watching a drama or a comedy at times. The containers always seemed to show up at the most inconvenient times, usually when the PANYNJ was demanding an urgent crisis meeting, as if to test me!

But your team were so positive, professional, cheery, and worked so well with the agents from MANJ, that I didn’t have to worry about a thing. 

Thank you so much for your support: we look forward to working together in the future – and to have more laughs.”

Thank you to Munich Airport NJ LLC for the kind words. It is always appreciated to know our valuable employees are living up to the standards we set as a company and the praise is certainly appreciated.