Our team at Omni-Serv is well-known for providing excellent customer service across the various support services we provide to airlines and airports. Recently, a passenger reached out to let us know how grateful she was for the over-and-above assistance one of our great team members provided:

“Hi, I’m writing to let you know how helpful and professional Rosie Freeman at over-sized luggage in Newark was with an issue when I landed very late at night with a baby and my car seat never came down the carousel. Someone suggested I go to over-sized luggage, when I got there Rosie said it wasn’t there but rather than just turning me away she made sure to connect me directly with the right employee about the lost item to make sure the issue was handled quickly and appropriately

Rosie went out of her way to help when most people wouldn’t. Just wanted to let you know how much her kindness and professionalism was appreciated- your department is lucky to have an on point representative like Rosie, and I was very lucky to have encountered her during a moment of stress! Thank you!”

We’re proud of you Rosie and the entire Omni-Serv Airport Services Team!