G1 Facility Services Operating Group

The following companies operate within the G1 Facility Services Operating Group:

G1 Facility Services is a full-service preventative maintenance provider. We take advantage of the most cutting edge technology in the industry, using web-based facility tracking software to streamline our processes. Each facility under G1 Facility Services’ care undergoes a thorough inspection to establish the most effective maintenance schedule. Priding itself on a full and certified staff of plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians on staff, G1 Facility has total control over the five and a half million square feet entrusted to it by its customers.

G1 Contracting provides a complete range of commercial and industrial construction services. With complementary backgrounds in varying fields, our experienced staff can meet a wide range of needs for our customers. Our team of technicians are licensed and certified in electrical, HVAC, plumbing and welding services. Skilled carpenters, painters, and masons support our construction projects. From minor repairs to major renovations, when it has to be done right, trust G1 Contracting.

G1 Electrical provides licensed electrician services including installation, maintenance, and repairs.
G1 Plumbing provides expert plumbing services including installation, maintenance, and repairs.
G1 HVAC provides expert installation, maintenance, and repair services for commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment
G1 Fire provides installation, maintenance, and repair for commercial fire suppression systems as well as fire extinguisher servicing and certification.

Omni-Serv Operating Group

The following companies operate within the Omni-Serv Operating Group:

Omni-Serv Airport Services provides human resources for contracted services at airports. Our professional staff has experience with the following services: passenger oxygen processing, baggage handling escorts and delivery including interline and re-checks, newspaper processing and delivery, custodial services, FOD (foreign object debris) sweeping and removal, warehousing, and shuttle ground transportation.


GSE Tech provides maintenance and repair services for ground support equipment used in airport ramp operations. From tugs to baggage loaders, GSE Tech ensures that the ramp equipment that is critical to ensuring safe and efficient airport operations.

SPS Parking Operating Group

The following companies operate within the SPS Parking Operating Group:

SPS Parking is a full service parking management company. SPS fully utilizes the newest technologies to maximize efficiency and reduce costs for its clients. The focus on professionalism enables SPS to provide their customers with the safest most secure parking lots. SPS operates over 3500 parking spaces in over 30 acres of parking in 3 separate locations.


G1 Security Operating Group

The following companies operate within the G1 Security Operating Group:

G1 Security provides and distributes service and technology products to the security field. We represent vehicle, high value shipment and human tracking devices, video and audio security solutions, and advanced security systems and monitoring software.


Group One Administrative Operating Group

The following companies operate within the Group One Administrative Operating Group:

Grid32 Cybersecurity provides independent computer system security services, including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, to government and corporate clients of all sizes. Our holistic approach focuses on providing the best long-term outcomes for your organization’s performance. Our unique methods find vulnerabilities that others do not.


Jersey Realty Holdings offers business suites in the only professional office park in the Newark Airport area as well as warehouse space and logistic services. Jersey Realty Holdings also provides corporate-office maintenance through the use of its computerized maintenance management system.


We work as a single united team across all of our business units to ensure that we provide our clients with a comprehensive set of services of the highest quality.