At Group One, our mission is to establish sustainable growth not just in business, but for our employees as well.

Group One employs approximately 1,000 hard-working people across the United States. As our company grows, we strive to preserve both the entrepreneurial spirit and family-oriented environment that are the hallmarks of our corporate culture. We have cultivated a commitment to excellence, providing every customer with superior services, and safe and efficient technologies in the wide variety of industries we serve. Our responsibilities are threefold: to our values, our customers, and our employees. As such, we balance the risks of new ventures and investment opportunities against our commitment to provide our employees with a secure and stable workplace. We reward the employees who contribute to the overall success of our company with good employee benefits, financial stability, long-term employment and the opportunity to grow and flourish with the company.

As a holding company, Group One seeks business ventures that provide high profit margins without requiring significant capital investments. Though our family of businesses is diverse, the companies are united through a consistent focus and an emphasis on delivering creative solutions. We seek opportunities in every challenge, serving as innovators and problem solvers. We are dedicated to serving our customers and employees, and we thank you for being part of our success.

In 2023, Group One is proudly celebrating twenty-five years of providing outstanding service to our customers, twenty-five years of offering a rewarding place to work for our employees, and twenty-five years of making a positive impact in the communities we operate within.