Our team at G1 Graphics recently received praise from the Port Authority for all of the help we have provided for the new Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR):

“Just wanted to once again extend a thank you for the support that G1 Graphics has provided for Terminal A. The past few weeks we have been requesting numerous services with some tough deadline dates which all have been met. From the construction wall barriers wraps in the North Pier to the newly opened Sensory Room. Lastly, last night we had to install some regulatory signage so that we are compliant with TSA rules. I reached out to David who was about to go home, he responded without any hesitation. We were able to get the samples installed which PA security greatly appreciated. The rest of the signage will go up this morning David promised and we can move forward with exiting program here at Terminal A. All these efforts are really not for me or PA, MANJ. They are for the passengers experience and I’m happy to say G1 Graphics, David and his team, are a part of that. People may not think so as they say it’s just signage. But when you see the experience, interaction and change the terminal goes through with these graphics it makes a huge difference and having a team respond quickly to address really separates G1 Graphics from the rest. Thanks for all the support.”

Great work team! You make us all proud!