As experienced airline industry professionals, we can sometimes take for granted our understanding of the layouts and logistics of an airport. But for a passenger trying to navigate an airport with multiple terminals and active construction projects, it can be disconcerting to say the least. One such passenger recently reached out to Omni-Serv to thank one of our amazing employees for their assistance during their recent travels. From the passenger,

“I am writing to share a great passenger experience I had with one of your Omni-Serv employees named Richard Chisolm.

On the evening of Thursday, May 5, 2022, I was departing on a domestic flight with JetBlue Airline from the Newark Liberty International Airport traveling to Los Angeles, CA. Terminal A was my departing gate but the drop off area was closed due to construction, my Uber driver dropped me off at Terminal B. I arrived at the international gate for the JetBlue Airline, printed my luggage tags and boarding pass. I needed to get to Terminal A and drop my luggage off before I could go through airport security. All airport personnel verbally said follow the signs to get to Terminal A. I stopped airport security and they instructed me to take the Airtran to Terminal A. I got off the Airtran and another airport personnel said go down a level, then go up to another level to drop off my luggage then go back down to the lower level to go through security. I was lost and confused with these instructions because I was not familiar with this airport. I got to the bottom of the stairs from the Airtran and a young lady saw the look on my face, she immediately knew I needed help! She turns and looks at Richard and he said without hesitation, “I’m here to help you! Let me walk with you to the area where you will need to drop off your luggage” and that’s exactly what he did. Mr. Chisolm guided me to the JetBlue drop off gate, waited in line with me to check my luggage. I repeatedly thanked him because no one else escorted me, they gave me verbal directives. I said I know you’re busy and probably have to get back to what you were doing. He said “I am here to help you.” He escorted me back to the line where I needed to enter for airport security. I offered him a tip. He declined my offer. I thanked him again and asked for his full name.

I felt it was important to share this positive feedback with you because Mr. Chisolm is a valuable front-line worker. He provided me with extraordinary, quality level passenger service. He took the time to take care of me. His actions align with your company motto “When It Has To Be Done Right”. According to your website, Omni-Serv has a reputation for delivering the highest level of support service and great results. I am a witness and agree 100%.

Thank you for your time.”

We’re proud of Richard and all of our valuable employees. It is always rewarding to know we have done our part to make the airline industry operate efficiently so that people can get to where they need to go with the least amount of stress. Congratulations Richard!