One of Omni-Serv’s valuable employees, Laquan Thomas, was recently praised by multiple passengers for the excellent service he provided. On February 17th, we received the following message from a passenger traveling through Newark Liberty International Airport,

“I would like to commend one of your employees. Mr. Laquan Thomas Jr. was so courteous and kind to me today. He noticed that I was lost and couldn’t figure out where to go. This was my first time at Newark airport. He helped me find my way and was such a pleasant person. Thank you for employing such a professional, courteous and kind person. Laquan made a crazy day a little more bearable.”

And on February 23rd, we received the following message from a seasoned traveler who was amazed with our level of service,

“I just wanted to write about one of your employees at Newark International Airport. His first name is Quan. I have been traveling for decades and he was the nicest and most helpful person I have ever come across. He was working tirelessly to help frustrated passengers in an overcrowded airport. I have never seen anything like it and he deserves some real recognition. I really hope this makes it to the right person and he is recognized. thank you!

We’re proud of Laquan and all of our valuable employees. It is always rewarding to know we have done our part to make the airline industry operate efficiently so that people can get to where they need to go with the least amount of stress. Thanks for all of your hard work Laquan!