Newark Airport runs like a well-oiled machine thanks to our team and all of the other valuable operations who work in concert to make air travel possible. But sometimes certain things need repairs and it can affect the passenger experience. We train our Omni-Serv employees to strive for the highest level of customer servic. So when two passengers needed assistance, our employee was there to help and received the following glowing praise:

“My wife and I are deeply appreciative of the help Mr. Ronald Hayes gave us at Newark Airport. We are two senior citizens and we arrived at EWR on 08/10/2022; unfortunately, both the terminal escalator and elevator were out of service. Mr. Hayes graciously helped carrying our luggage up the stairs without being prompted to so. Mr. Ronald Hayes, in our opinion, exemplifies the ideal employee and should be recognized as such.”

Thanks for all you do for our company Ronald, and thank you to all of our great employees. You all make us proud!