Red, White and Que Smokehouse

What is Red, White and Que Smokehouse?

Red, White and Que Smokehouse (RWQ) is the American Dream realized. Dan and Katie Misuraca started RWQ in Kearny, NJ not knowing it would take off as it did. Since opening their doors in 2016, RWQ has been named on lists of top BBQ restaurants in NJ and has received accolades for their classically delicious Southern Style food that’s made fresh every day. RWQ is dedicated to “Serving Those That Served US” by employing veterans, partnering with veteran organizations and hosting weekly cookouts to provide food for veterans, as well as establishing a “Buy a Veteran a Meal” Program at all their locations. RWQ’s main goal is to continuously search for ways to give back to the communities they are a part of, as well as honor our military veterans in any way possible.

How did Group One get involved?

Edward Vincent Danberry is CEO of Group One Investments, LLC. Ed served in the Army from 1967-1969 with the 2/67th Armored Division and is a Disabled Veteran. Ed and Ron DeLucia, the COO of Group One Investments, LLC, are both entrepreneurial businessmen always looking for opportunities. When Ed’s Brother-in-law began to praise RWQ for their amazing BBQ, Ed had to check it out for himself. After falling in love with the food and the overall environment of RWQ, Ed couldn’t help but see it all as a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped into. In this case, he found an enthusiastic Marine and his wife (Dan and Katie) who wanted to further develop their American Dream and partnered with them to expand RWQ farther than its dedicated founders could have ever expected.

Currently, G1 Contracting is supporting the growth and expansion of RWQ across New Jersey by acting as design builders and conducting the buildout of the new locations. Since RWQ opened their doors in Kearny in 2016, the company has already expanded to include locations in Scotch Plains and Randolph, NJ. The G1 team is currently working to complete a third location in Barnegat, NJ followed by two more locations in Manahawkin and Little Egg Harbor.

What is the Future of Red, White and Que Smokehouse?

Currently, Group One is working vigorously to expand RWQ into several other states including California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Looking forward, G1’s goal is to have five more fully functioning locations in NJ and one location in California by the end of August 2017, and 20 locations in total by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

G1 is proud and honored to work together with Red, White and Que Smokehouse to expand and reach exceptional heights, to “Serve those That Serve US”, to share American traditions with the communities we are a part of, and to celebrate the great Country we live in by sharing great classic BBQ with our friends and neighbors around the United States.