The recent holiday season, coupled with the surge in COVID-19 cases, created a difficult travel situation for many passengers trying to get through the airport security process at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Omni-Serv provides multiple ground support services at EWR, and as such, one of our goals across our team is to help ensure the safe and efficient travel of all the passengers who travel through the airport. One employee in particular, Ronald Haynes, who is a supervisor in our EWR ops, took this mission to heart. We were contacted by three different passengers in the span of one week who each let us know what an amazing job Ronald had done to assist them during a particularly difficult travelling situation.

From a passenger on Christmas Eve, “Well, can’t begin to explain the stress that we were under to get to our flight on Christmas Eve. Even though we arrived in plenty of time at the airport, due to several flight cancellations & staff challenges, the lines to get through were worse than I have ever seen and I do a lot of traveling. Your employee Ronald Haynes went over and above his call to ensure that we understood the virtual mobile line and even helped us to login to expedite our departure process. Not only was he incredibly professional, well spoken and courteous, but he truly made a tremendous difference in the lives of many. You see my husband is a surgeon and if we had missed the flight, the 9 patients who  were on his surgery schedule for Monday morning wouldn’t have had their life saving procedures. One patient in particular is scheduled to start chemotherapy on Tuesday morning and therefore must have her chemo port placed on Monday. If it hadn’t been for your employee Ronald Haynes helping us, many people would have lifelong lasting negative impacts. From the bottom of our hearts thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for his service and for your company obviously providing wonderful training! We believe The sole purpose of being on this earth is to help other humans in their daily struggles. And when we succeed these things come back to us 10 fold. Bless you and your company and your wonderful employee Ronald Haynes. Please let him know how much of a positive impact he made on the world. Many thanks.

From another person on New Year’s Eve, “My twin teenage daughters were facing a lengthy line to go through TSA and possibly being late for their flight. Mr. Haynes went above and beyond to ensure that they got through on time. He allowed me to wait while they went through the process and I did not leave until they boarded safely. He kept checking back on me to get updates on the children. He also kept reassuring me that everything would be okay. Mr. Haynes restored my faith in the fact that there are still good people around.

And from yet another passenger on New Year’s day, “Ronald at Newark Airport was great help to me catching my flight on 12.26.21 He helped me find and get thru virtualine so I wouldn’t miss my flight. Thanks Ronald!

We’re proud of Ronald and all of our valuable employees. It is always rewarding to know we have done our part to make the airline industry operate efficiently so that people can get to where they need to go with the least amount of stress. Kudos Ronald!