Ontario, California

Recently, our G1 Facility Services team completed a full station opening for JetBlue in Ontario, California. Our G1 team was able to showcase our full range of abilities in the work that was performed in preparation of this station opening.

G1 was responsible for several aspects of this project including scanning, saw cutting and trenching terrazzo floor at the ticket counter, replacing terrazzo flooring at the ticket counter after all electrical and data runs were completed, and installing new carpet tiles. In addition, G1 patched and painted all walls and doors, installed cove base, and installed LED lighting in the new break room and office. Last, our team provided all electrical and low voltage wiring runs, site supervision, and project management.

G1 always enjoys working with jetBlue on completing new station openings and we look forward to future opportunities to work with them.

A very special thank you to our G1 team who diligently worked to guarantee a successful station opening in Ontario!